Dixon is Ms. Tonitini's boyfriend. He is basically a nice, easygoing, and even somewhat 'cool' guy (although he definitely had a few eccentricities), but Tino was often somewhat skeptical whether he would make a good stepfather. He put himself through grad school working as a carpenter. He has a Master's degree in English literature. He used to compete in the Scottish games and competed in the caber toss, and won first place in both the sheep toss and farmer's walk. He also used to design shoes for Tommy Hugo. During the clean-up of an alley by Funville, Dixon stumbles across a comic book, Captain Dreadnought Issue 27 that has the first appearance of sidekick Junior Dreddy, revealing similar interest in Tino's favorite superhero.

Dixon has a 14-year-old daughter named Moira, and she is Carver's love interest. Dixon, despite having occasional difficulties with his spine, is able to kick himself in the back of the head.

He first appears as a volunteer when Tino and his friends volunteer to gain invitations to the grand opening of Tesla Park.

In the episode "Brain Envy", he claims to be good at cooking,sports, art, science, carpentry and Ukrainian folk dancing.