"Grow Up" is the second segment of the first episode of season one of The Weekenders and the second episode of the series overall. It was paired with "Crush Test Dummies" and originally aired on February 26, 2000 on ABC.


Tino thinks he can negate an embarrassment he had at his mother's party by acting like he's already an adult.


An excited Tino is racing home from school on Friday, anticipating his mother's Vernal Equinox Party - one of two times in the year in which day and night are the same length. Normally, such things would not interest Tino, but the fact that he gets a "top-shelf" present in celebration of the event is enough for him. At the party, all the kids from school are already there. Anxious for his present, Tino is taken around to the side of the house by his mother to reveal none other than a Jumpin' Jamboree - an inflatable bouncy house. Tino is thrilled, and has the time of his life in the bouncy house until the other kids find him and laugh - "That thing is little kid stuff. It's, like, for five-year-olds!". Feeling completely miserable, Tino asks his friends to give him some time alone as his mother consoles him soon afterward, apologizing that she even got the Jumpin' Jamboree in the first place.

That night, Tino has a nightmare of the Jumpin' Jamboree coupled along with the kids' hurtful words. Waking up screaming, Tino decides that he must deal with this before his reputation as someone who likes "kid stuff" gets out of hand. It is then that he sees a tie sticking out of his drawer.

Saturday morning comes along and Tino's mother is surprised to find her son at the breakfast table dressed in a suit and tie, slicked-back hair and carrying a briefcase. At the local pizza place, the others understand Tino's current situation and fully support how he is counteracting the "Jumpin' Jamboree incident." Tino then tells them of his plan to create an "internet company specializing in web page design."

Originally wanting to name the company Tonitini Industries, Tino gives in to Carver's pleas and decides on naming it "Something Else." After establishing the company in Tino's room, the gang decides to take a break to go play some games at Funville. Claiming that his "vasitis is acting up," Tino decides not to tag along and remains at home working.

Tino is still working well into the night when his mother walks in and tells him that he is taking being an adult way too seriously. Besides, he clearly is not enjoying himself. Tino retorts, however, telling his mother that being an adult means not enjoying himself. Seeing that she cannot get to him (at least at the moment), Tino's mother leaves him alone, telling him that he cannot force himself to mature. The two finish with a heated "can not / can so" argument until his mother finally wins with a "can not times infinity."

It is Sunday when Tino's friends arrive at his house, wondering whether he will be mad that they didn't stay to work the day before. Their question is answered when they open the front door to a furious Tino, who has already found replacement (adult) workers to take their place, giving them "gold" (chocolate) watches as a parting gift. Tino even goes as far as saying that he will no longer attend school due to his company. Realizing just how delusional Tino has become, his friends work with his mother to kidnap Tino and drag him to Funville to show just how much fun it is being a kid.

At Funville, the others do their best to convert Tino back into a kid, playing video games, rock climbing, skoo ball, but to no avail. As they head back home, Tino begins to bore them with stories about his "conversations" with President Eisenhower. Frustrated, the others decide to take their mind off of "Uncle Tino" with some time on the Jumpin' Jamboree, which is still outside Tino's house. It is only a matter of seconds before Tino finally gives in and joins them.

However, as if programmed to be there right at that moment, the other kids from school appear in front of them ready to laugh at them. But when they notice that the gang is simply ignoring their mockery this time, they decide to join in on the fun themselves instead.



  • Moral: Don't be in a rush to grow up.
  • Pizza Place: Franken Pizza


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