The following is a list of running gags seen throughout the series in order of introduction.

Ms. Tonitini


Ms. Tonitini will frequently cook meals for dinner that have Tino questioning what he's eating.

Mrs. Katsufrakis's accent

Mrs. Katsufrakis's heavy accent causes people to not understand what she's saying. Whenever they correct her pronounciation, she will say, "Is what I say!"

  • In "Crush Test Dummies", "fashion" is misheard as "fishin'".
  • In "To Tish", "big intellectual" is misheard as "big into lucky tool".
  • In "I Want To Be Alone!", "cousin Doug" is misheard as "cows and duck".
  • In "Lor's Will", "spring cleaning" is misheard as "sprinkling need".
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