Ms. Tonitini



Health food, Southern-fried rock


Messy rooms




Tino Tonitini

Ms. Tonitini is Tino's mother. She usually is able to give helpful and insightful advice to Tino about how he should cope with his problems. She is known for her unique style of cooking and unusual meals, which are disliked by Tino and his friends. From the beginning of the series, she is divorced, although she begins a relationship with Dixon in the episode Dixon (1). Her first name is not given throughout the entire series.

She is also very sarcastic like her son, especially with Tino when he misses something obvious to the problem or when he gets paranoid.

It's hinted that she divorced her husband because he always put his work before his wife and son and is never around. In a flashback when Tino was young he hang some stockings over the fireplace, one of them was his father's, and this was months after the divorce and he never called to say merry Christmas to his son. Those things upset Ms. Tonitini as Tino is often sad when his dad isn't around.

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