"My Punky Valentine" is the first segment of the fourth episode of season two of The Weekenders and the 32nd episode of the series. It premiered on February 10, 2001, on Kid's ABC with "Brain Envy".


Tino gets a crush on the punk girl and his friends try to "un-crush" him.


Tino walks up to a tree and begins speaking to it so Tish, Lor, and Carver speak to the audience instead. They ask Tino if he's okay, but his responses doesn't correspond to their questions and he leaves. They go to the pizza place to theorize the cause for Tino's weird behavior.

At Funville, the three wait for Tino who arrives dressed in punk clothing, surprising his friends. They question his clothing and Tino evades their answers before he spots Tasha. He frantically moves to lean against the counter in a casual pose as Tasha passes by. His friends are now clued in on his crush, and their loud discussion causes Tino to force the group out of the arcade before Tasha can hear them.

They are taken to a shoe store where Tino seeks to buy heavy boots. Carver asks why his crush is on the punk girl, and Tino defends her by reminding them that he doesn't give them a hard time about their crushes. Tish states that Tino is right and because Tasha isn't their friend, they don't need to support her. Tino leaves the store when it is evident they don’t like his crush.

Carver decides that they must accept Tino's crush if they wish to remain friends with him, but since none of them want to accept Tasha, they decided that they'll force him to crush on someone else. At home, Tino speaks to his mom about his crush. Since his friends don't like her, he thinks he should "de-crush" her. His mom tells him that he shouldn't stop liking Tasha simply because his friends don't like her, and that he shouldn't change his appearance to impress her.

Inside Tish's house, Carver has brought the school’s yearbook to Tish and Lor to search and chose for a girl for Tino to like. They each choose three different girls: Lor chooses Summer Schwartz because she looks like a female Tino, Tish chooses Dot Cardigan because she has seen Tino become nervous around her, and Carver chooses Cheri Montaigne because she's unattainable. The three now must convince Tino to fall for their individual choices.

Meanwhile, Tino is dressing himself in his punk attire. As he finishes, he sees a projectile of Summer on his ceiling. He looks outside his window to see Lor using the projector, and she leaves. At the mall, Tish is with Dot and has lied to her by saying Tino has a crush on her. Dot confesses that she has had a crush on him as well. She sees Tino walk to the costume store and points Dot to him.

Inside the store, Tino is asking the clerk for tattoos and is approached by Dot. He leaves the store with Dot following close behind, laughing. Outside Club Carcass, Tino decides that Tasha would like tickets for Punk-a-Thon and is still followed by Dot. Lor and Tish turn to Carver for help, and he has Cheri with him. He promises to be her full-time shoe advisor for a year if she stands next to Tino and plays hard-to-get. She does so and Tino begins stuttering. He spots Tasha leaving the club, having bought the tickets herself, and is unable to speak with her before she boards the bus. He gets angry at the girls for blocking his opportunity to "accidentally" bump into Tasha.

The three decide that Tino will definitely get a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt. The four approach Tino, who is standing in between Dot and Cheri, and have Jennifer introduce herself to him. At first, Tino is star-struck but he quickly realizes his friends' plans and leaves after getting Jennifer's autograph. Cheri is awestruck by his rejection and becomes fascinated by him. Tish realizes that they've alienated him because of how they felt about Tasha, and decide they must make it up to him.

Meanwhile, Tino has returned home and abandoned the punk outfit, since it didn't get Tasha's attention anyway. His mom suggests he go outside to have fun so he goes to Funville. There, he is surprisingly approached by Tasha, who has heard he is a Captain Dreadnought fan like her. When he asks how she knew, she points to Carver, Lor, and Tish. Tasha invites him to see her collection.

Speaking to the audience, Lor admits they still think Tasha is weird but Tish thinks she may be tolerable if Tino likes her. Cheri approaches them asking for Tino but is shooed away by Carver. Jennifer approaches them, asking if she can close the episode, and tells the audience, "Later days!"



  • Pizza Place: Pizza! The Musical
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