No. # Title Written by Airdate
1 1A "Crush Test Dummies" Doug Langdale February 26, 2000
Lor is in love with Thompson, and Carver thinks that she's talking about him.
2 1B "Grow Up" Sam Kass & Sharon Lee Watson February 26, 2000
When Tino is caught bouncing on a bouncy house, he becomes determined to be older and mature.
3 2A "Shoes of Destiny" Doug Langdale March 4, 2000
Carver wants to stand beside the cool kids on picture day and his new shoes help him be "C.A.R.P."
4 2B "Sense and Sensitivity" Lance Kinsey March 4, 2000
When Lor disappoints her friends, she tries to be nice to make up for it.
5 3A "Throwing Carver" Larry Spencer March 11, 2000
Tish takes an art class at the museum and makes an ugly statue of Carver. Carver himself, and the others try to keep their mediocre reviews to themselves.
6 3B "The Perfect Weekend" Evan Gore & Heather Lombard March 11, 2000
Tino plans out the perfect weekend but his friends bail out.
7 4A "home@work" David Warick & Amy DeBartolomeis March 18, 2000
Lor needs her friends to help her pass an upcoming test or face going to military school.
8 4B "To Be or Not to Be" Jonathan Rosenthal March 18, 2000
When Tish's friends make fun of Shakespeare, she stops hanging out with them.
9 5A "Band" Steven Atinsky & Dan O'Connor March 25, 2000
Carver lies that Chum Bukkit will dedicate the show to him and his friends.
10 5B "Sitters" Rachel Powell March 25, 2000
Carver's mom and dad go to a conference so Carver has to babysit his little brother, Todd.
11 6A "Makeover" Sharon Lee Watson April 1, 2000
Lor gets asked out by Thompson and gets a whole new makeover by two girls.
12 6B "The New Girl" Sam Kass April 1, 2000
Tish's mom tries to become Americanized by hanging out with her friends.
13 7A "Party Planning" Steven Atinsky & Dan O'Connor April 22, 2000
The gang gets invited to a party. It turns out to be clownless and they have to know each other's gender.
14 7B "Pudding Ball" Evan Gore & Heather Lombard April 22, 2000
The gang competes in a pudding throwing contest. However, aggression and competing go near the heads of the gang.
15 8A "Dead Ringer" Brian Palermo May 6, 2000
Tino tries not to look like a geek while playing horseshoes.
16 8B "Carver the Terrible" Rachel Powell May 6, 2000
Carver's classmates thinks he's a bully when they see him trip on Laird.
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