"Sense and Sensitivity" is the second segment of the second episode of season one of The Weekenders and the fourth episode of the series overall. It was paired with with "Shoes of Destiny" and originally aired on March 4, 2000, on ABC.


Having made her friends angry at her for the last time, Lor vows to be sensitive to their every need. However, will her friends, family and even she like the new her?


Inside the school gym, Lor is competing in a two-on-two basketball game against two rich kids from Campo Fields Middle School. However, she ignores her teammate, Diego, who is open to receiving the ball, in favor of making a shot which is blocked by one of the kids, causing her to lose the game. She demands a rematch on Sunday; they accept and try to raise the stakes by having the losing team fly the winning team's school's flag for one month. Coach Colson reminds them that their proposal is against district policy but accepts the challenge for his group anyway.

Diego reprimands Lor for not passing the ball to him and leaves when she remains clueless. Carver explains to her that she isn't a team-player and can be a bit self-centered, but Tish defends her. Tino remains silent because tonight is the premiere of Star Pilots 4, and Lor is responsible for waiting in line to buy the tickets.

That night, Tish, Carver, and Tino arrive at the theater but find no sign of Lor. Tish is certain that Lor won't let them down, but Tino and Carver aren't convinced. The three are stuck at the theater for two hours waiting for Lor before seeing her leaving the cinema with two strangers. Lor explains that there were only three tickets left when she arrived at the box office, so in an effort to not leave out any of her friends, she shared them with two strangers. The group are angry at her and declare they can't be friends with her until she learns to be considerate.

Lor arrives at the pizzeria apologizing for being late and also offers to pay the bill, surprising everyone. She promises them that they'll be witnessing a new, kinder her. However, the three quickly note how excessively kind Lor has become, which includes wiping food from Tino's cheek and offering painful foot messages to Tino and Carver. While Tish, Tino, and Carver watch a music video of Chum Bukkit, Lor arrives with freshly made lemonade and offers to fluff the couch's cushions despite having just done so moments ago. In essence, every action of hers is dedicated to doing something nice.

Tish declares the new Lor a "nice monster", and Tino agrees, quipping that Lor was less creepy when she was selfish. Tish reminds them that Lor's basketball game is tomorrow, and imagines that Lor's excessive kindness will cause her to allow her opponents to win in order to be kind. The three are convinced that they must get Lor back into her selfish ways before the game.

Naturally, Tino turns to his mom for advice. While Lor is mowing the lawn in the background, Ms. Tonitini convinces her son to simply talk to Lor.

Tino, Carver, and Tish walk to Lor's house to find that even her brothers are annoyed by her excessive kindness. Tino tries to tell Lor that she can tone down her kindness, but Lor is convinced they're testing her and walks away. The plan involves playbacks similar to Coach Colson's.

The three force Lor to sit and watch a playback of her stealing a piece of pizza from Tish. As if broken, Lor needs to do an act of kindness and begins fluffing the couch pillows. Tino clicks a button to eject the tape from the VCR, but it gets stuck. He asks help from Lor and she snaps, calling him a "lazy jerk" and yells about how no one appreciated her kindness.

At the basketball game, Lor passes the ball to Diego this time and he manages to make the shot. They win and Lor proceeds to mock the Campo students. Everyone cheers for her, and Tino states that she may not be perfect, but she has improved. She offers the team with Tino buying for them.



  • Pizza Place: Paris Pizza
  • Moral: Treat others how you want to be treated.
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