Teen Canyon is a teen drama show that is very popular with the Weekenders and the other kids in Bahia Bay.


Teen Canyon is a show that stars 4 teenagers and revolves around their life growing up.


  • Kyle: The cool one of the group and the leader, he is seen wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket.
  • Lousie: The smart one of the group, she's native american, able to fix heilcopters, and is the world youngest molecular neo-biologist.
  • Gordo: The wacky one of the group, he is seen wearing a funny hat and has wacky catchphrases.
  • Millaura: The boy-crazy one of the group, she is known as the girl who REALLY loves boys, she has a giggle that Lor hates.
  • Mrs. Potsve: The kindly guidance counselor who helps them.


  • It is said that Teen Canyon is based on another teen drama show Dawson's Creek.
  • The actor who plays Kyle is the show is the only one who has met the tried to befriend the gang.
  • In "Real Fake" Tino, Carver, Tish and Lor try to act like the kids in the show to make them seem interesting on film.
  • In "New Friends" Carver imagines his new friends would be the teens from Teen Canyon.