"Throwing Carver" is the second segment of the third episode of season one of The Weekenders and the sixth episode of the series overall. It was paired with "The Perfect Weekend" and originally aired on March 11, 2000 on ABC.


Carver can't bring himself to tell Tish that her sculpture of him is terrible because he doesn't want to offend her, but he doesn't want the sculpture to be displayed in public either. Will he be able to find a method of informing Tish without hurting her feelings?


Tino sits at the big tree waiting to meet his friends to begin the weekend. Tish has a surprise for the three, but considering her previous surprises were museum tours, Tino is not overly excited. As he suspected, the surprise is a tour of an art museum. Lor, Carver, and Tino are bored and begin plotting an escape from the tour until Carver notices that Tish isn't with them, prompting them to search for her.

They begin in the cafeteria since Tino is hungry, and are surprised to find Tish there, using the food to create an artwork. The tour guide disapproves of Tish wasting food, but suggests that Tish sign up for one of the museum's classes.

Tish signs up for a ceramics class and is using an impatient Carver as a model for her project, and Carver is excited to have a sculpture made of him. Tish presents the model that she created to her friends and family. Her family compliments it; Carver, Lor, and Tino are afraid to admit that they think it's ugly and the latter compliments it when Tish asks for their opinion.

When Tish briefly leaves the kitchen to help her parents serve pie as a celebration, Carver attempts to get rid of the sculpture by dropping it out the window, but since they're on the first floor, little damage is done to it. He admits he doesn't want the sculpture to be seen by anyone since he'll end up embarrassed. However, Tino believes artists are sensitive people, so they shouldn't do anything to hurt Tish's feelings.

Tish reappears and questions why her sculpture is on the lawn. Under pressure, Tino's excuse is that they wanted it to be seen by everyone since it would be a crime to hide her art. Tish buys the story, accepts the "compliment" and agrees.

At the mall is a special exhibit displaying the artwork of local artists, and Tish has decided to enter her sculpture. A mother approaches the display to show her son the sculptures, and the boy takes note of the sculpture being modeled after Carver (who's standing nearby) and begins calling him "ugly boy", which causes him to flee.

At the pizza parlor, Carver is in the middle of creating a plan to steal and destroy the statue, until Tish arrives to share her news: an art critic from the Bahia Bay Times loved her sculpture and wants to display it on the local news tonight. Carver flees again.

He is found at the basketball court by Tino, who does little to comfort him. Carver decides he's fed up with lying to Tish and returns to the mall to confess to Tish that he dislikes her sculpture. To his surprise, she isn't offended because she can handle constructive criticism, and decides to re-model the sculpture into Tino, since he keeps complimenting it. That night, Tish displays her sculpture on the news, causing Tino to be laughed at.

Tino is about to address the viewers but is pushed away by Carver, who shares the episode's lesson: don't lie to friends to protect their feelings, and instead trust them to handle criticisms.



  • Pizza Place: Pizzanaut
  • Moral: Don't lie to friends to protect their feelings. Trust them to handle criticisms.
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