"Tickets" is the first segment of the second episode of season two of The Weekenders and the 28th episode of the series. It premiered on January 27, 2001, on Kid's ABC with "Vengeance".




Lor, Tino, Carver, and Tish are lamenting their failure of being unable to receive tickets for the Chum Bukkit concert. The only thing that can cheer them up is a snack from the Snack Shack. Since Carver is the one who ordered, he's the Snack Shacks's 1,000,000th customer and wins unimpressible prizes. Tino returns to ask for some napkins, making him the 1,000,001th customer. His prize are two passes to the Chum Bukkit concert. The new obvious problem is clear: Who out of his three friends will he take with him to the concert? Tino decides to sleep on it.

The following morning in the Pizza Parlor, Tino has them compete in Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the winner for the second ticket but it fails when Lor, Tish, and Carver display a different shape from each other, defeating each other simultaneously. Carver decides the concert is too important to leave to "chance" and Lor agrees. They decide they will have a kissing-up contest instead.

The first person to meet Tino at his house is Carver. Dressed in one of his father's suit, he pretends to be a lawyer and argues he should have the ticket since he was the 1,000,000th winner. Tino is unimpressed and closes the door on him. The next person to greet him is Lor, and she also brought with her a vacuum. Her offer is to do all his chores. However, when she clicks the button to turn on the vacuum, she accidentally clicks the reverse vacuum button. Angry, Tino pushes her out of his house. Minutes later, Tish arrives to tell him to take Carver or Lor instead. In attempt to guilt trip him, she begins making agonizing moans outside his porch. Tino doesn't fall for it.

His doorbell rings again but none of his friends are outside. Instead, he has Bree, Cheri, and Josh stand on the porch with three different offers: Bree's is to acknowledge his existence, Cheri's is his opportunity to take her to the concert, and Josh's is to beat him up. Tino is unimpressed by the last offer and evades them by saying he has Dutch elm disease. That night during dinner, Tino shares his dilemma with his mom. She jokingly tells him he'll have to figure out who he secretly hates, but the joke isn't appreciated. She then assures him that his friends will understand and forgive him, but Tino disagrees.

Tino has a nightmare of two elderly Lor and Tish approaching his grave and saying they still don't forgive him for not taking him to the concert. He wakes up and seconds later, his mom comes to tell him to mow the lawn. As he's doing so, Lor approaches him and repeats her offer. She takes the lawnmower away from him and does it for him, until she destroys a rose bush. Carver and Tish approach him next, the latter continuing her self-pitying. Frustrated, Tino throws the tickets at them and tells them to figure it out themselves.

He leaves and has climb a tree to view the sunset. Tish, Carver, and Lor approach him to give him back his tickets, since they couldn't decide either. They tell him he should go, since the tickets are his. Tino thanks him, and informs them he sat on some sap and is stuck on the tree. The four of them then go to Club Carcass. Lor asks who'll be going with him inside. Tino asks who has a Chum Bukkit poster in their rooms, and Carver is the only one to raise his hand.

When Tino shares his fear of the girls hating him, Lor reassures him they don't. Though they wave goodbye to the boys, Tish and Lor are forcing themselves to smile. Tino hands the bouncer his passes, but is stopped when the bouncer informs him they are passes and not tickets. Tino must exchange them at the box office for the real tickets. When they read the back, Tino and Carver are delighted to find out the passes are worth two tickets each and run to Lor and Tish. Inside the concert, Tino tells the audience of what he learned from the episode before saying "Later days!"




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