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Friday: End of School Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish are in separate Classes: Watching the time go by until the school bell Rings, cannot wait to get out from Educator's Dormintorium; to enjoy the holidays: Spend their short days on Friday Evening P.M Hours they have Left, Saturdays, and Sunday, Required Home work is not included; unless!
(1.) Baffin's Bay Beach Food Court: Tino has everything planned out for his friends: Arcade Video Game, Chuggalog's smoothies, drinks, Pop and Store Restaurants, Rollerskating, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Playing Pool. The Cool Kids, Smart Whiz Kids, even the School bullies hang around the area school Zone and their neighbourhood. Tino is thankful he is with his fellowship companions,an escape from class, there is nothing better to do, the good life.
(2.) Lor has several little ruff housers brother's and has a reason to slip out of class by playing Public School Sports. Yes must must fill out class work Assignment's and bring it back to her home room teacher before the due date. Teacher tell their students "they must play by their rules if cutting class they must register their name". Sport is not all fun and games, however she loves the competition, competing against others and hanging with her friends when class is not in section.
(3.) Carver: Laid back, Fashion Designer: could probably join the cool kids. Intermediate Interpretor to Tish, those who do not speak her Advance Dialect, speck normal. Carver is the highest score in Arcade video games, and Strategist game player similar to chest, Othello, Checkers however Tish ex-cell's in Art and Writing. The Girl Youngster's in Carver's class see him as a dreamboat. Carver act nervous around them. The Only Student not worried about a thing, If Necessary.
(4.) Tish is a Artist Stage Performers, Artist Painter, Craftship Maker and shape Mud Molder. Tish is the head of the class, well advance for her age. She like to visit the museum, Presentation Performers and Inspirational Painters,and Writers that Inspires. The only problem her friend never seem to listen to her. Tish also like camp hiking trails and Skiing. Tish is an excellent mathematicianist playing pool not one has beaten her yet.
(5.) Tino's Troubles: When Tino has a problem he cannot solve: He asks his mother to what ever is troubling him. His Mother has a special eye for these types of situations and how to handle them. Since his mom is into Aquatic-food Chef : She tries to hide; blending other food sources hopping he will not noticed what type of Ocean-Sea Creature it is, hopping the type of food will not be discovered. Trying to get him to eat healthy, which does not alway work while answering his questions, even thou he gets a little intimidated by what is beaning served, not so much prepared to eat.

The Weekender's Wiki is a collaborative fan site whose main aim is to produce an encyclopedia which will cover every aspect of the Disney hit animated series, The Weekender's, which follows the weekend life of four diverse 7th graders Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish. This being a fan created wiki means that everyone is free to add what they know about the series.

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